Founded in 2021, raraa offers maintenance, management, rental and design services for real estate propreties. raraa believes in the relationship between strong regimes of care and satisfied future tenants and property owners. We see the built environment as more than an asset and celebrate the many lives that properties take on over time as they age, interact with new users and new uses.

raraa operates on two fronts: (1) we offer real estate management services to a portfolio of rental properties (2) we offer architectural design services to property owners.

(1) real estate

raraa’s real estate managers have decades of experience in renting and maintaining real estate assets in the United-States and abroad. They have worked in residential real estate with multi-family apartment buildings, condominium units and single-family homes. In addition to real estate, the managers’ background in science, accounting and finance give them a more global outlook on asset and buiding management.

(1) architecture

raraa hires experienced designers and architects to provide full architectural project delivery, from schematic design to construction administration. The architects hired have an appreciation for existing buildings and what renovations can offer to extend their lives towards the future. Proposals are sensitive to existing conditions and are tailored to client needs. 
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